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One thing does not ever change at our Law Firm: the rule that our Clients come first. We know that every Client, whether a company or an individual, approaches us with problems which differ significantly, even if they appear similar.

This is attributed to the different histories, circumstances, priorities, goals and values. We believe that effective action is possible only when we use our knowledge and experience adequately to the context.

Only in such situation we are able to effectively respond to the needs of our Clients, offering them a solution which is both dedicated and the best possible for the specific case. Such approach means that our Clients trust us. They know that we shall always use tools that would be best marched to the given issue, place and time.

Effectiveness. Reliability. Confidence.

We are proud to offer law services of the highest class. We will make you feel safe and comfortable. You can profit from our knowledge and experience.









Contact us. We will help.

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We had an opportunity to use the services of Kołecka Law Firm since the beginning of our activity in Poland. Our company has been served with a thorough support regarding labour law, AML and GDPR compliance as well as corporate issues, including corporate governance. Therefore, I can grant my recommendation to Kołecka Law Firm.

Agata Gac
Penta Real Estate

Kołecka Law Firm granted us reliability, trustworthiness and professionalism and this is why we fully recommend working with this Law Firm.

Tiit Arus
Member of the Board
CF & S Estonia

We entrust Kołecka Law Firm with handling cases in the field of corporate services, AML and GDPR. Our cooperation is effective and efficient. The Team deals diligently with commissioned cases. Thanks to professional legal support, I can fully engage in developing my own business. I recommend the services provided by Kołecka Law Firm especially to people who want to expand their businesses.

Tomasz Radwański
Member of the Board
Arco Capital Poland Sp. z o.o.

We have been cooperating with Kołecka Law Firm in the field of ongoing legal services for a group of companies, liquidation, handling cases in the National Court Register and many others for several years. I can fully recommend this Law Firm, service always at the highest level!

Tomasz Pazdej
Chairman of the Board
Flight Dispatch Services Sp. z o.o.

We have been working with Kołecka Law Firm for many years in aspects of commercial law, contracts, corporate governance and various transactions. This many years and our ongoing cooperation assures us that it was a good choice, as Kołecka Law Firm continuously provides high standards of services. With full responsibility we recommend Kołecka Law Firm as a very professional, reliable and client-oriented legal support.

Marek Zdziech
OC&C Strategy Consultants

We rely on legal support of Kolecka Law Firm in many aspects of labour and corporate & compliance law. During these many years we have been served with professional and comprehensive legal support joined with continuous care of our compliance with Polish law. We recommend legal services provided by team of the Kołecka Law Firm.

Jan Malovec
Penta Investments

Kołecka Law Firm is dealing with legal services for our company from a corporate perspective. We recommend their services due to the efficient and effective cooperation. Kołecka Law Firm is the partner that responsibly manage their clients' orders. We are pleased to recommend cooperation with this Law Firm.

Daniel Owsiański
Member of the Board
Macoscope Sp. z o.o.

The Law Firm has been supporting our company's activities for many years, both in corporate matters and in the scope of labor law and GDPR. We can confidently recommend Kołecka Law Firm services due to their professionalism, efficient operation and commitment to the work. The partnership with the Law Firm provides us with legal security, which helps us develop the company in our industry.

Grzegorz Modzelewski
Member of the Board
MGI Modzelewski