Services for business are the most important specialty field of our Law Firm. We know how to ensure effective and comprehensive legal advice for our Clients, on such issues as:

  • services tied to regular business operations (contracts, corporate matters, labor law, administrative regulations),
  • negotiations and disputes,
  • strategic consulting (financing, M&A, mergers, project optimization),
  • tax consequences,
  • personal data,
  • corporate governance/directors’ responsibilities,
  • intellectual property.

Labor law

Our experience covers such issues as:

  • comprehensive handling of employee matters (company regulations, notifications to the Social Security Institution, State Labor Inspection),
  • drafting of employment contracts, management contracts, non-competition agreements,
  • restructuring of employment (takeover of employer, group lay-offs, outsourcing),
  • termination of employment contracts,
  • representation in disputes.

Real property and investments

We have been active in the sector of property and construction projects for a long time. We offer comprehensive management of real property projects. We deal with such matters as:

  • property transactions (including financial and tax matters),
  • investment processes, regulation of legal status of real properties,
  • disputes.

Internet, new technologies, media

The Internet (the “new electricity”), new technologies, media – these areas have a constantly growing influence on our lives. The statistical European spends almost 2 hours per day on the Internet, and the statistical Polish citizen watches the TV for additional 3 hours. This area is developing dynamically also in our legal practice. The virtual reality influences the legal reality – and we know how they intertwine. Our activities in this field include:

  • e-business and media companies,
  • implementation of IT systems,
  • personal rights,
  • data protection,
  • protection against unfair competition,
  • advertising and marketing.

Tax consulting

We cooperate closely with the best tax consulting companies. This allows us to ensure ongoing tax services for our Clients, as well as specialized services in the field, such as:

  • telephone consultations and written expert opinions on all kinds of taxes and duties,
  • drafting of transfer pricing documentation,
  • tax optimization,
  • consulting on international tax law,
  • tax settlements for non-residents,
  • preparation of and participation in the processes of mergers, divisions and transformation of business entities,
  • transactional support, including with the acquisition of shares and investments into real properties,
  • tax due diligence.